Do you know who you are? I’m always reinventing myself as I grow things that I like to do change, what I like to eat, what I listen to, the clothes I wear but I’m always me. Lately I’ve been sitting a lot by myself to get in touch with who I am now. Yes even at 36 I find that who I was yesterday is a little bit different than who I am today. Sitting by myself helps me feel like I’m not alone. What a strange concept that sitting by myself could cure my loneliness isn’t it. But by being comfortable with my own thoughts and feelings helps me to embrace life to the fullest. I think that loneliness is something that most humans experience at sometime or another within our lives. It’s then how we manage these feelings that determines how long we sit with the emotion that the loneliness raises. You are your own best friend and no one will ever love you the same way as if you truly live yourself. Try going somewhere in nature the beach, a park, the desert and sit by yourself and embrace the feeling of loneliness and see if you can turn it into love.

Cute as a button

Cute as a button

It’s easy when you are a young child everyone thinks your cute and then your hormones start to roar and that once adorable little girl turns into a hungry lioness. Not sure about where that you fit into the world not sure on who you are or who you want to be. Best advice that I could give to you is to do what truely makes you happy and not what is expected of you. This is how you will find that cute little lion cub once more.