Photoshop – Love it or Loathe It


My dear friend Cyndi from Cyndi Briggs Photography and I have been playing with characters lately as she is trying to find her special niche within the photography industry.

She has found that she is really enjoying putting together shots that are from the fairy realm and so I have been channelling my inner fairy tale character for the shots.

Cyndi went into her photography course thinking she was going to take beautiful shots but as time has gone on she is now creating beautiful shots through Photoshop.

When she came up with the final copy everyone was praising her on how creative she is and myself saying how beautiful I look. Cyndi also said that she will never show the pre-production shot which got me thinking.

I went to her studio and asked her to put the before and after shots together and yes there are quite a number of differences which lead me on an internal journey to see how I felt about the photos and how I felt about myself.

Looking at the photos together I felt a little disillusioned as in the photo shopped copy looked truly amazing but then I stopped a moment and remembered what the photo was for. I was to look like an elfling character a fictional character from our make believe. Fictional stories and characters where invented to take people on a journey and make them smile and this is what this series of photographs has done.

Then I looked at the photo separately and saw the person that I see every day in the mirror the person that I love unconditionally. The funny point is that when I saw the post production shot initially I felt that I was looking into a mirror as that’s how I see myself when I look at myself.

I look at all of the photographs that are taken for the fairy tale story that is being shot over a period of time and I see the elements of me within each of the shots.

So this brings me to how do you see yourself when you are looking in the mirror?

It has taken me a lot of years to finally look into the mirror a see the true beauty reflecting it self back at me.

Try this:

For the next 21 days look into a mirror for 5 minutes and say to yourself in your mind I AM an extraordinary being with beauty that shines from the inside.

Let me know how you go……..


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