Let Me Entertain You


It’s just been the holidays and my step children have just been to stay over for a couple of days from interstate. They are 15 year old William and a month off 13 year old Amber. This time I thought that I would let go of all expectations that I had of the way they were going to act and go with the flow with whatever arises over the next couple of days.
It was a little traumatic picking them up because there 2 & 1/2 year old brother to their mother’s new partner wanted to come too. Poor little buddy had it in his head that we were going to Disneyland and began to scream to get into the car. This is the first time that he has done this and wasn’t fun for anyone.
Then the car ride home was the interesting part I was chatting with the kids and asked them about their day, what they had been up-to during the holidays and then how school was going. WOW! did I get a surprise. The conversation went on and on and on with the kids stating how terrible this one particular teacher was and that it’s his fault that they didn’t do good in his class because there was too much theory and that he “Didn’t ENTERTAIN Us“. “Teachers are suppose to make it fun so that we can learn”.
It lead me to question then for our larger community of younger people to be intelligently developed do we have to entertain them? Will going for a teaching job entail an audition to see how entertain that person is? It then made me think – Do all of the kids want to be entertained or is it just the kids that find that style of learning beneficial? There are many ways to learn and teach so do we need to look at the teaching curriculum and styles that get the boring stuff and the fun stuff through within the schooling system.
All of this from a young man who sat in front of the television entertaining himself for those couple of days that he was visiting.


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