Pushing through the barrier

I’ve always gone after what I want but I there has always been a part of me that “thinks” I’m unworthy of all of the glories within the world.
So today I’m starting a new experience in which I need to ask for what I’m worth. Which is one thing thst I have feared to do in the past.
Speaking with my mentor this morning she helped me put a few things into perspective for me on this journey of life. YES I still talk with mentors it’s great to be able to check in to where you are at. And today was no different than usual she told me just to remember to keep being in this present moment.
As I giggled to myself, this information is the same advice that I give to my clients.
So back to the point of this post when you come up against something that brings you fear push through that feeling and give it a go. I’m not saying put yourself into a dangerous position I’m saying give sky jumping a go or, if you want your dream job call them and ask if there’s any positions available,  or put your heart out tgere and gell the person you like how you feel about them.
You never know you may have just found the one thing that truely brings you external happiness.


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