The dilemma of choice


We are really spoilt for choice these days that sometimes the amount of choice set before us becomes unbelievably overwhelming and we just do nothing.

So as human beings we are able to speak approximately 400 words in a minute but have 40000 thoughts and are bombarded with over 200000 marketing messages throughout the day. Within all of that how do we make decisions?

Do we do the right thing the thing that is expected of us from our family and friends? 

Do we feel the thing that we have been talked into from all of the marketing saying buy, buy, buy?

Or do we do the thing that our heart is singing about? The decision that brings a smile to our face without us even thinking about it? The thing that makes us shine from the inside? 

It’s so fulfilling when you let yourself choose that thing, a choice made from love, not from should have, could have, would haves. This is a choice that is not thought about it’s the only that is made through you like it was always meant to be, if you will destiny. Now I’m not saying that your life is pre-written I’m just saying that some choices have less struggle associated with them (though a bit of struggle increases your ability to love more)

There is no right or wrong when making choices, our choices just lead us into experiences which create the world that we live in.

So next time that you are saying that you are in a dilemma there are too many choices, take some time out and forget about everyone around you and feel what you want to choose. This may still be a hard decision to make but if it’s what you truly want it will be rewarding beyond words.



Instant Motherhood

When I fell in love with my husband I knew he had children and that I had inherited an instant family.
It’s been a joy and a struggle as the kids find their way within the world, and with both sets of parents (who both agree we are pretty lucky that the kids aren’t ridiculously naughty and a of the adults get along having the kids best interest as our first priority.
The first one the child who is now a 16 year old young man has transititioned through his adolescent years with not a hitch.
But the 14 has turned into a witch.
I’m mean her life is so bad with the choice of living in a sea side community with the house over looking the sea. Being able to walk 2 mins to go swimming, surfing, snorkelling. Or living in the best city in Australia with all of the options she can dream of at her finger tips.
But for her this is not enough.
She and her BFF have schemed up together the best plan for themselves, which involves them living under the friends parents roof and going to the same school just because they miss each other.
So here comes the possible instant full time parenting.
Don’t get me wrong I totally want the best for her and if she chooses to come and stay with us full time I’d be thrilled but there’s a part of me going OMG things around here will dramatically change! (My ego getting selfish and not wanting to share really is the issue)
I mean all of the hair utensils that I have brought over the years are actually going to be used, along with the hair clips, ties, products etc that I’m gonna use.
I’m going to have to sort out a meal planner which will save me money and time.
Be more structured with my time as I don’t just have to worry about where myself and my husband have to be.
Isn’t it funny how when thinking you can create such a drama when there really isn’t one, just by tAlking with all of you you’ve helped me see that all changes are blessing.


Close your eyes and breathe

Over the past 6 months I have taken a detour on the path that I “thought” that I was on.

I was busy putting things together for packages for my new business Walk Of PrYde when I was offered a position with a security company. At the time a lot of the projects I was working on had stalled and I was wondering if Walk Of PrYde & what I was creating was what I was to be giving the world.

The offer came out of the blue and I was flattered so I took up the offer which was with a  security company that supplies guards to a lot of the major music festival events over the summer season throughout Australia.

Over the months I have had a roller coaster ride with a million emotions that have popped up for me. At the beginning I felt that I was giving up on my dreams but as the time has past I have just realized that I am facing new exciting paths which are expanding how I am able to help others. But this didn’t happen until I once again started to breathe.

The moment that I stopped worrying about the past or the future and started being right here and now were (and are always) the most powerful moments within my life. And those moments came when I closed my eyes and breathed.