Close your eyes and breathe

Over the past 6 months I have taken a detour on the path that I “thought” that I was on.

I was busy putting things together for packages for my new business Walk Of PrYde when I was offered a position with a security company. At the time a lot of the projects I was working on had stalled and I was wondering if Walk Of PrYde & what I was creating was what I was to be giving the world.

The offer came out of the blue and I was flattered so I took up the offer which was with a  security company that supplies guards to a lot of the major music festival events over the summer season throughout Australia.

Over the months I have had a roller coaster ride with a million emotions that have popped up for me. At the beginning I felt that I was giving up on my dreams but as the time has past I have just realized that I am facing new exciting paths which are expanding how I am able to help others. But this didn’t happen until I once again started to breathe.

The moment that I stopped worrying about the past or the future and started being right here and now were (and are always) the most powerful moments within my life. And those moments came when I closed my eyes and breathed.



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