Instant Motherhood

When I fell in love with my husband I knew he had children and that I had inherited an instant family.
It’s been a joy and a struggle as the kids find their way within the world, and with both sets of parents (who both agree we are pretty lucky that the kids aren’t ridiculously naughty and a of the adults get along having the kids best interest as our first priority.
The first one the child who is now a 16 year old young man has transititioned through his adolescent years with not a hitch.
But the 14 has turned into a witch.
I’m mean her life is so bad with the choice of living in a sea side community with the house over looking the sea. Being able to walk 2 mins to go swimming, surfing, snorkelling. Or living in the best city in Australia with all of the options she can dream of at her finger tips.
But for her this is not enough.
She and her BFF have schemed up together the best plan for themselves, which involves them living under the friends parents roof and going to the same school just because they miss each other.
So here comes the possible instant full time parenting.
Don’t get me wrong I totally want the best for her and if she chooses to come and stay with us full time I’d be thrilled but there’s a part of me going OMG things around here will dramatically change! (My ego getting selfish and not wanting to share really is the issue)
I mean all of the hair utensils that I have brought over the years are actually going to be used, along with the hair clips, ties, products etc that I’m gonna use.
I’m going to have to sort out a meal planner which will save me money and time.
Be more structured with my time as I don’t just have to worry about where myself and my husband have to be.
Isn’t it funny how when thinking you can create such a drama when there really isn’t one, just by tAlking with all of you you’ve helped me see that all changes are blessing.



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