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“I want to introduce you to this great new website called Nabo, a private and secure community network especially for your suburb.

It’s free to become a member and really useful too!

• Ask for recommendations on a local tradie, babysitter or the best dog friendly parks around
• Invite people to come by your garage sale
• Post classifieds for FREE
• Keep up to date with local festivals, events and building works
• Ran out of ketchup during the barby? Ask your neighbour and invite them to join too!

Join today and you’ll automatically go in to the draw to win $2,500 to spend on LivingSocial!

Sign up and see what’s going on in your suburb.

See you there!”

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Samantha-Jayne ludbrook

About Nabo

Hi, this is Nabo and if you’re wondering, the name’s Danish for neighbour, pronounced ‘næːb̥o’ and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m the free, private and secure community network built especially for your suburb. I’m the missing link between you and your neighbours, a notice board for local events and recommendations and an all round good guy with a passion for building stronger, safer communities.

Join me in making your suburb an even greater place to live; sign up, say G’day to your neighbours and be ‘in the know’ when it comes to your community, because life’s better when you belong.

Joining Nabo is easy and only takes a minute – go to

See you there folks.

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