My little ray of sunshine

Well I’m not sure if everyone has met my cheeky little monkey – Ayla Mae. This little ray of sunshine brings more joy to the world than what I ever would have expected. 

I know all mums say that about their babies but she really will go out of her way to bring a smile to anyone she meets. 

My husband was telling me that just yesterday morning she made someone cry. Yes tears of joy. She was doing her ‘drunken orangutan’ walk out of the swimming pool complex and then saw the girl behind the counter generally she with wave goodbye but on this day she put her arms up. The girl questioned my husband as to what Ayla wanted and with his reply of “she wants a cuddle” the girls eyes filled with tears and she came around to receive her special gift of cuddles. 

This is not the first time she’s done this, people come up to us all the time to acknowledge her happiness. I’m just hoping that her little brother or sister is just as happy. I’m 18 weeks now and though excited I’m a little apprehensive to have two babies under two. I just need to remember to breathe.

I’m sure that I’m just going to be blessed with another little angel who chose me to be its mummy for my learning I’m sure. 

Much love ❤️ 


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