A – able to see the true you and love it unconditionally

C – change happens when you completely accept yourself

C – chains will fall from you making you feel free

E – excitement of all the possibilities for

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the future

P – pathways will open in many other directions

T – time stands still (you become a master of bending time)

A – all possibilities seem attainable

N – nothing matters you are at peace

C – creativity bursts from every piece of your being

E – energy flows and everything evolves.


Be Free Butterfly

I have always loved butterflies and with age I have become to respect the meaning of transformation. I believe that we are constantly transforming our lives and that we go from caterpillar, chrysalis phase through to the emerging butterfly every time that we are ready to grow from a challenge that has been put in-front of us.
Every time a new set of wings comes through for me a dance with joy as I know that I have earn my wings from the struggle of breaking free from my cocoon. Each set of wings has different colours that I bring into my life and expand my awareness and consciousness and make me want to find out just a little bit more about myself, others, the planet, and where we sit within the universe.
For me at the moment I’m heading in to another chrysalis phase before the birth of my 2nd child. There are moments of anxiety and joy and not knowing how I’m going to make every thing in my life world but I know that the being growing inside of me has chosen us to be it’s parents, to learn from their big sisters; Amber and Ayla and to bring just a little bit more love into our house which is already filled with a lot of love and laughter.
As I sit here typing away I’ve just realised that my unborn child is too within a chrysalis phase and when they are being born it is the same as the butterfly breaking free from their cocoon. We are all very keen to see how this little being will present itself within this life time, what they will look like, what they like to do. All that I know right at this moment is that this little being will be loved and bring a lot more wings into my life.
Smiles and love,
S-J xox