Circle of Life

Today I said goodbye to my cat Monty. 

The poor old man cat had a huge tumor in his stomach/intestines so we decided that it would be the most humane thing to send him back to the spirit world. 

This means that throughout this pregnancy I have said goodbye to both of my fur babies. Kiera (the dog) and the beginning and Monty at the end. When I first got the both of them I knew that they were here to be with me until my two human babies would appear. (So number two must not be far away). 

Monty used up most of his lives within this lifetime, especially when he got stuck between a wall for 13 days. He gave all of the family so much love (his own terms), mad us smile, put up with all of Ayla’s affections. 

We rescued him on my 30th birthday from the RSPCA as my birthday present. I still remember Mark saying if were getting a cat it’s this one. We’ve moved around and he’s always stayed with us, playing with the dog. 

The hardest part of today was when we bought Ayla home from day care and as we pulled into the drive she said “Monty” (as she has learnt because he was always waiting for us to get home. 

I will be forever grateful that he joined our family. And I have sadness but there’s so much joy for I know that soon we will be saying hello to the newest member of our family, who has felt the spirit of our pets & the love that this mumma had for both of them, and have for this newest bundle of joy. 

RIP my shit shit. Thank you for being my rock when I needed you ❤️