Samantha-Jayne Ludbrook



Samantha-Jayne is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and creator of the Walk of PrYde.

After years of battling depression, low self-esteem, drug use, heavy drinking, dependency and living in fear of herself with a belief of never being good enough, Samantha-Jayne made a decision; to stop hating herself and try a new approach to life and to herself.

“I was so tired of always feeling inferior; I was tired of partying and taking substances to mask what I was feeling. To everyone else I looked and acted like the happy go-lucky party girl, but inside I was dying. I hated myself, I was depressed, and I was tired.”

Too tired to go on with the charade, Samantha-Jayne  stopped lying to herself and got real, starting an inward journey that changed her life. The first step for her was to look at the truth of who she was and ACCEPT herself with no restriction.

“When you get real with yourself it can be very confronting but in that moment of just surrendering and accepting ‘hey this is my hand and I am going to love it,’ life suddenly become lighter and you become free to start really enjoying yourself and your life.”

Samantha-Jayne is a living example of the Walk of PrYde; a workshop developed from the very journey of self-acceptance that Samantha-Jayne herself walked and has assisted many others walk through her work as a mentor, speaker and counsellor.

Samantha-Jayne Ludbrook is not your regular speaker. She is funny, endearing and engaging but more importantly she is REAL. Coming from a space of knowing – because well she has lived it – she passionately guides her clients and participants to a place of appreciation, softly landing them on a new foundation of acceptance and love for what is.

And unlike many other speakers Sam is not interested in changing, directing or moulding her audiences, she is simply on a mission be a walking example of acceptance; guiding each client and workshop participant to know how to accept in loving what is.

Now she is a mother Samantha-Jayne has another perspective on life and knows that the only way to love is unconditionally.


  • Bachelor in Counselling (Coaching)
  • Diploma in Community Services
  • Diploma in Art Therapy
  • Certificate in Meditation
  • Reiki Master 
  • Magnified Healing Teacher
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – Level 1
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – Adolescences
  • Certificate in N.L.P.
  • Certificate in Colour Therapy
  • Certificate in Chakra Alignment


  • Working With Children’s Check (VIC)
  • Security Licence (VIC)


  • IICT


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