Focusing on one thing at a time

Hi All,
I’m not sure if we all do it but I have so many ideas within a day I seem to be jumping from one thing to another constantly and rarely getting projects finished. But I’m taking a new approach to my daily life and seeing how many projects I can complete within a day. So it’s a bit like a daily to-do list but it’s my daily completed list.

I’m finding that the more present I am am not thinking about all of the other things that I need to do and just focus on the actual thing that I am doing the more that I’m actually completing in my life. With this comes a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that I’m making an idea not just start but actually become whole. It’s like if you are drawing if you only start drawing a circle unless you remain focused and join the two ends it may only remain a C. If you continue and join the ends it means that the idea can then grow and grow from that platform.

So perhaps think about all of the things in a day you start and get distracted from. And perhaps try using a daily completed list instead of a to-do list.

Love Samantha x

Surrounding yourself with noise

Its funny how many people really don’t like their own company and so they surround themselves with noise.

By noise I’m not just referring to the sounds that we hear, its all the stuff in our lives that keep us busy so that we don’t have to feel anything.

Have you ever thought about how much noise you allow within your life ?

I just had a realization about the amount of noise that I have created within my life so that I dont really have to deal with the emotions that I’m feeling. Social media is one of the biggest creators of noise and I just realised that a lot of the time people are just wanting to get recognised, to feel accepted and loved. So what I’m doing is going to have a break from Facebook as a social experiment to see what else I can find out about myself.

This road is a constant journey of discovery and with each day that passes I find something a little bit even more wonderful about being me.