ACCEPTANCE: The Art Of Loving What Is!

When: 2017
Time: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Where: Newport Library, 10 Mason Street, Newport 

Cost: $147

What will you experience?

The workshop covers a diverse range of topics including:

The skeleton of life – underneath we are all the same & EQUAL
Removing the self-built mask – becoming REAL with me & you
Immersion – when we are all the same there is no good or bad
Starting again – A new look on an old foe
Accepting – learning to love what is
A new way – walking through life with love for self & PRYDE

The Walk of Pryde workshop was developed as an opportunity to give everyday females a first-hand experience of the act of self-love with the intention to break through the often negative body and mind-associations that they have developed throughout years of media and societal conditioning.

With an aim not to change any female, but instead bring her back to herself wholly – The Walk of Pryde is not a self-help course and it is not a motivational seminar, it is not about changing or directing – it is about removing the pressure to DO and BE more, so that every girl can be happy as is she and create a life based on the love to do and no longer the need to do

Who is it for?

The Walk of Pryde is a great workshop for women (of any age). From school students to women who want more from their lives, the workshop is designed to work with the participant at an individual level to develop:

* Increased confidence
* Strong sense-of-self
* Acceptance of self
* The difference between a love and a need
* A core foundation for living based on a beliefs “I am enough” “I deserve”

Contact Walk Of PrYde on any of the following:
Mobile: 0488 784 435