Healing Offerings

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Healing Offerings 


Samantha-Jayne is a Transformational Therapist and has been using the energies of the universe to help heal those around her since she was young.

She loves to see people have a transformation from in the inside out, just as a caterpiller transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Over the last 15 years she has been getting studied; Reiki (master), Magnified Healing (teacher), crystal therapy, colour therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, so that she can help you to transform into your own version of the amazing you that she knows that you are.

Samantha-Jayne works with what your body is asking for and each healing session may appear a little bit different.

She is also a qualified counsellor so if all you need to do is talk she is the lady for you. (The name meaning for Samantha also means listener)

Sessions with Samantha-Jayne are $110 for the hour

(Payment methods are credit card, paypal, bank transfer)

To book for a Healing please call Samantha-Jayne on 0488784435 or email samantha@walkofpryde.com


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