Heal-Thy Heart Healings

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Heal-Thy Heart Healing 

Complete energetic body healing with Samantha-Jayne 

Have been feeling like you are run down and that you need a bit of a pick me up?

Chances are you haven’t been feeling the love and that you need to open your heart again realigning your body & energies with a Heal-Thy Heart Healing.

When you have a Heal-Thy Heart Healing you will experience what it feels like to be unconditional love and receive it fully, when we (client & healer) tap into the universal energies, healing from the inside out. The healer will feel what your body needs and facilitate the process of healing to happen. She will do so by energy, sound, scent (Young Living Essential Oils), colour & crystals as she is guided by the client (with the help of her guides, angels & the universe)

Buy this wonderful healing package for yourself or a loved one.

What you will get in this 60 minute Heal-Thy Heart Healing that will waken all of your senses:

  • Energy Healing
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Hand Massage
  • Mini Card reading
  • A crystal

All this yummy goodness for $100

This is a perfect way to take some time out for yourself and feel alive again.

To book for a Heal-Thy Heart Healing please call Samantha-Jayne on 0488784435 or email samantha@walkofpryde.com

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