Roaring Appreciation

Below are some testimonials from people who have seen Samantha-Jayne speak and had the pleasure to be touched by her heart.

“A year ago I had a car accident where a truck had hit me on the way home from Geelong. During that time I was feeling that it was my fault and I kept on having bad dreams about it. Then I went and saw Sam and had some Reiki done. By the end of the session I felt better within myself and didn’t feel guilty that it was my fault it was the other persons fault, and I could sleep better didn’t have any bad dreams about the truck hitting me.”

Leisa. F. 14.10.2016

“I just finished a 5 week women’s circle series with Sam. I gained so much more from this than I ever expected, a deeper sense of connection to others and myself. I was a little hesitant to start with but Sams ability to guide me, stay centered yet vulnerable allowed me to connect with my true self. Each week I would walk in feeling in some way depleted yet walked out each time with an incredible sense of nourishment. I am so grateful for making the commitment each week to attend and I will miss our weekly sessions and definatly can’t wait till she holds another one. I would highly recommend this to any women. Eternally grateful. Xx”

Sophie Oo 16.12.2014

“I have just completed a 5 week course with Samantha and it was quite life changing. Her ability to heal, encourage & inspire through her grace, knowledge and wisdom has uplifted my life. I highly recommend Sam and her courses to all women. Thank you for this amazing experience x”

Monica C 17.12.2014

A Note Of Acceptance

Where to begin? I have to say that the Walk of PrYde was one of the most fantastic and life altering moments of my teenage life. It was absolutely phenomenal. Walking down that aisle, I gained myself a confidence that I had never dreamed was within me. The rush of adrenaline and poise at that instant moment, made me realise who I am and what type of person I want to be. I never wanted to be a shadow; walking in someone else’s footsteps. That was one of my greatest fears and I over powered it. With the help of my mentor Samantha, I stood up and became who I really am; a confident young woman. I was wracked with nerves at the thought of standing up in front of people and showing them who I was. I know I didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. All I needed was a push by my mentor and everything changed. If not for that little shove of encouragement, I don’t think I would have been as confident and sure of myself as I am now.

I never believed that one person could have such an influence on another’s life. But Sam not only did influence me, she changed my child- like beliefs into something much more. I thought that people’s beliefs and opinions were selfish and foolish. I never learnt to accept them, but judge them. Having had Sam as a mentor for well over a year, I believe that I have become much more accepting and wiser than I ever was. I understand where people come from and how their opinions and beliefs show us who they are. I am so intrigued by human nature ever since Sam shared her beliefs and opinions with me. I have never judged since that moment. I recommend anyone and everyone to participate in the Walk of PrYde. Samantha is the most amazing, kind-hearted and wise human being I have had the honour of knowing. She has reached me in places where no one else ever has. I thank her every day for the amazing experience it has been. I owe her everything.
Testimonial by Sharan 2012

appreciation 2

Feedback from Samantha-Jayne’s Speakers Institute Bootcamp – with Sam Cawthorn

  • Awesome and beautiful. Your energy was on a positive note today. Your story yesterday left me with a touch of sadness, but today I’m left smiling! You rock!
  • Loved the way you said ‘Bestest Bloke’. Great pace, loved your vulnerability. Great presence. Terrific acting. Fantastic that you sang. Great courage.
  • You look neat! You look beautiful on stage. Great pace and energy. Confidence is great also. Very passionate and authentic.
  • You light up the stage!! Great story and connection to the stage. Good use of stage – use of gestures – perfection. Well done!! J
  • Great, engaging, a natural presenter, absolutely amazing.
  • I accept you.. x
  • Jeez Sam, you are fabulous, gorgeous and truly wonderful! Thank you!! J xxx
  • I am inspired to see Walk of Pride grow and shine just as you do. Your love, inner beauty and acceptance glows. Born to entertain for sure.
  • Great pace. Very open, honest, vulnerable! Good message. A few nerves but it will get better.
  • Wow! – huge difference from yesterday. Great story! Great gestures. Good energy level through start to finish!
  • Great – a retelling of a previous story but told better. Good pace, good use of stage, very emotional. – Peter xx
  • Great story, well spoken. Bit more body language would help as you are naturally gifted in that. Love your passion. Go for your dreams. J Kinnar
  • Your talks are so open and honest. So much more put together today but still brought the emotion. Still so honest and authentic. Be careful of wandering on the stage. You could almost just stand still because your story is so powerful. Movement tends to distract. You have such a beautiful smile and such a sparkling energy. Good luck with your future journey. You are great. Thank you J
  • Powerful emotion. Great use of the stage. Well constructed story. Great smile, awesome message. Well done
  • So beautiful! Walking your talk, girl! I came in after your start and watched form the door (side) and your hands really stood out – awesome clear, strong, appropriate gestures. Oozing warmth and compassion and confidence. Well done! Cheering you on, Kerrie
  • Totally awesome. Gestures great. Loved your passion, authenticity. It was entertaining. 10/10.
  • You are very courageous! You have a very strong will-power! Energy and flow was amazing. I think you can actually help a lot of women. I am 200% sure that 90% of teenage girls in Australia are suffering from one of the problems you had!! You are a CELEBRITY! – Shivi

Appreciations from some little cubs:

  • Samantha – you’re awesome. Thank you. Tristan
  • Dear Samantha-Jayne, Thank you so much for all you have done over the event. I look forward to supporting you on your journey as you have ours. In gratitude, Trudi.
  • Thank you for everything, it really has helped me heaps. Fi
  • Thank you for your assistance and dedication. You are doing great things. Ben
  • Thank you for helping set-up and make the event run as smoothly as it does. Without you the event would be nowhere near as awesome! You are an awesome person and an awesome clown too 🙂 Thank you. Love, Anthea.
  • Thank you for being so friendly, warm and inviting. From, Billie

One thought on “Roaring Appreciation”

  1. I recently attended Samantha-Jayne’s ACCEPTANCE: The Art Of Loving What Is! event. I was blown away with what Sam has to offer women of all ages and walks of life, regardless of what point they are at on their personal journey.
    I think of myself as a confident woman in all areas of my life but like most of us self doubt still manages to wriggle in every now then. This event left me with a feeling of peace and accomplishment, and the urge to reach a little deeper inside to nurture and encourage what is most important … ME!!
    In a world where we are often too busy playing the roles that we find ourselves in, and taking on external judgement, we often forget to congratulate ourselves on our achievements and embrace the beautiful beings we are.The transformation of individuals, myself included, and the group as a whole is testament to the precious gift that Samantha-Jayne is offering.
    Definitely well worth taking a day out of everyday life and attending …. let your light shine brightly xx

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